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Jeena is one of Sheelah's youngest students, and she has been enjoying studying both voice and piano with her.  This is a lovely wintery video that she and her family put together. 

Please enjoy Sheelah's student Julian's performance of Maple Leaf Rag, by Scott Joplin. This is a challenging piece with a lot of left hand movement and Julian really thrives on this type of music!

Sheelah's voice student Mary gave a heartfelt rendition of Feed the Birds from Mary Poppins for the inaugural virtual recital in June, 2020.

Sheelah's student Rachel enjoyed performing an Anime piece, K.K.Moody by Totaka at the year-end recital.

Sheelah's student Joshua at ORMTA Scholarship recital playing The Dance of the Marionettes by M. Tarenghi. He did a great job considering he had knee surgery one week prior!

Sheelah writes many compositions for her students, and this one is called Majestic Galaxy.

Sheelah performing Nun Danket ( Now Thank We All Our God) by Johann Cruger (1598-1662) on the organ.

Sheelah enjoyed being an M.C. for the ORMTA Children's Hallow'een recital.  Two of her students, Gabriel and Tristyn dressed up for the occasion and gave fine performances of their spooky music!

Sheelah's student Tristyn was delighted to be selected to play in the spring ORMTA Scholarship recital, where he played Red Satin Jazz by M. Mier.

One of my youngest students, Emma did a wonderful performance playing The Ashgrove at the year end recital!

My youngest piano student Cameron wanted to learn Leonard Cohen's Hallulujah so he is singing and playing the finger numbers for the chorus. Great job, Cameron!

One of my vocal/piano students Bradley enjoyed performing at the annual ORMTA Halloween recital. Well done!

Enjoy Sheelah's vocal and piano performance of "Unforgettable" by Irving Gordon.  This jazz number was first made famous by Nat King Cole and the recording was later remixed as a duet with his daughter, Natalie.

Sheelah and her student Sean posed for the ORMTA CTB teen recitals in February!  The recital was geared for music students from

age 12-18.  Sheelah enjoyed organizing the two recitals and being the Master of Ceremonies for the first one.

 Sheelah performs Party Monster by Edwin McLean to inspire her piano and vocal students as they prepare for the ORMTA Halloween recitals.

One of my students, Bradley, played some of his Christmas music at a local church in December.  This piece is called March of the Three Kings (traditional). 

It's so great to see my students share the gift of music with others!

I am so proud of my advanced student Jeremy who worked very hard to prepare this beautiful piece by Liszt.  It's called Liebestraum No. 3 (Dream of Love). Jeremy played this piece for the virtual recital in June, 2020 as one of the entries for our fantastic year-end music celebration!

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