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 Reviews - Piano

For almost a decade, Sheelah and I have worked with each other to develop and improve my ability to play the piano.  Although that has been the most noticeable change since becoming a student of Sheelah’s, it is definitely not the only thing I have gained from my lessons at the Saunders studio.  Sheelah’s warm and caring environment was where I gained a love and appreciation for music.  Studying with her piqued my interest in the arts, theater and orchestra.  Her lessons were fun, interactive and catered to my needs and interest.  Sheelah has gone from a being a piano teacher to a mentor and a friend whom I deeply care about, and I don’t think I could have had a better experience.

Teen student-Rachel J.

When I started learning piano, I was very nervous.  I didn’t know anything about music, and I thought I wouldn’t have a good time.  But when I met Sheelah, I felt very welcomed.  Sheelah was very patient and very kind.  She would help me with every mistake, and help me learn every new note.  Overall, Sheelah helped me find my love for music.

Middle school student-Sean J. 

I’ve been Sheelah’s student for over eight years.  I can say without a doubt that it’s been a great experience.  Sheelah is extremely patient and is always encouraging her students to strive for higher goals.  Sheelah’s positive attitude and interest in my progress has kept me both motivated and ambitious throughout the years.

University student-Elina F. 

I like taking piano lessons with Sheelah because she is always nice to me and she loves the piano.  She has made me love playing the piano too.  Sheelah taught me how to start with playing the hands separately, then together and then speeding up and adding dynamics until it is perfect.  It really works.  I really like having my piano lessons with Sheelah.  I also like her prize box when I win a contest or complete all of my practising.

Elementary student -Bradley N. 

I have been taking piano lessons with Sheelah for almost two years now.  Being an adult who has never taken piano lessons before, Sheelah made me feel very comfortable and relaxed.  She is dedicated and very professional.  Sheelah’s experience and knowledge of piano are very obvious but her excellent teaching methods are why I am so impressed with my progress so far.  Her patience and enthusiasm in teaching piano is why I am encouraged to keep taking lessons with Sheelah.  I am so proud of my accomplishments and I have great joy in learning piano, and I attribute it to her.  Thank you, Sheelah!

Adult student-Sophie B.


Reviews- Vocal Coaching/Voice

After watching the Toronto Welsh Male Voice Choir perform, I decided to audition.  This was somewhat daunting as I am now in my 50's and had last sung at age 11 in my school choir.  My wife, a former adult piano student suggested I call Sheelah to see if she could assist with vocal coaching.  I found Sheelah to be an excellent tutor and she was pivotal in my attaining my goal of performing with the choir.  I had to start with learning to read music and then how to translate that into singing.  Sheelah's approach to teaching was patient, knowledgeable, warm, fun, informative and most importantly successful - I am now performing regularly in four different languages.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Sheelah as a valuable resource in attaining one's musical goals.  

-Adult student - Nigel F.

Mrs. Saunders is a dedicated and enthusiastic music teacher. She has developed my son's interest in singing over the past two years and has gently but persistently encouraged my son to sing in public. In addition to the lessons, the peer group performances and end of year recital are a wonderful celebration of the collaborative work of Mrs. Saunders and her students.

- Parent - Jennifer S.

Mrs. Saunders is a great teacher. I have enjoyed my vocal lessons with her. The group performances and recitals help me become more confident so that I can sing in front of people. I was so excited to receive an award at the ORMTA recital last year, with Mrs. Saunder's piano accompaniment.

- Student - Kiran G.

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