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A  member of the Ontario Registered Music Teachers Association, Canadian Federation of Music Teachers' Associations, and  RCM certified Elementary and Intermediate Piano Teaching Specialist, Sheelah teaches private online and in-person piano lessons to students in Toronto (age of six to seniors.)  Her passion for music and teaching is contagious, and she inspires students to reach new heights musically! Sheelah believes it is essential to customize her teaching approach to the specific needs, abilities and interests of her students.  Most importantly, a love of music is encouraged as talent and skill are developed. Competence at the keyboard, theory, sight-reading, ear training and music history are all integrated to develop excellent musicianship.

Young students are given various incentives to participate (contests, stickers etc.) and all students are exposed to a wide spectrum of musical genres to pique their interests. Opportunities to participate in music festivals, recitals, ORMTA auditions, music writing competitions and RCM exams are available for students. Piano students also have an opportunity once per term to perform for their peers to develop more confidence and skills.


Adult piano students are encouraged to develop at their own pace, either as beginners, or for those who are returning to study to rebuild their skills. Recitals, competitive opportunities, and exams are also available for those interested in that direction.

Many of Sheelah’s students have won awards at music festivals, have been selected to play in scholarship recitals, and have obtained First Class Honours and First Class Honours with Distinction in both piano and theory exams.


Please feel free to contact Sheelah to begin or restart your musical journey!  She offers a free online consultation to discuss your musical needs. 

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Information regarding the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum and examination system:

Information regarding student opportunities through ORMTA (Central Toronto Branch):

When we moved to our new neighbourhood, we were so fortunate to find Sheelah and have her take on my son Bradley for piano lessons.  Right from the start, he was enthusiastic about playing and learning about music thanks to Sheelah’s fun, supportive and positive teaching style.  She seems to understand her students well – knowing just how much to expect.  She is very sensitive to her student’s different personalities and learning styles. With Sheelah as his teacher, Bradley has progressed much more quickly than I ever thought he would.  Sheelah does more than just teach; she organizes recitals which encourages all of her students to learn performance skills, she has small competitions in note naming, and composing and she sends out a monthly newsletter recognizing her students who have recently passed exams or excel in their festival performances and even those who have just had a good month. It is a joy to watch Bradley progress and foster a love of music with Sheelah as his mentor.  I would highly recommend her as a teacher for students of any age or ability.

-Nadine N. 

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