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Sheelah Piano

  Other Musical Services    

Aside from teaching private piano lessons, Sheelah offers a range of other

musical services in the community. 


She is available as a….

Vocal Coach - Sheelah is also available for audition preparation, or for soloists needing temporary coaching.


Soloist/Accompanist -  Instruments used – Piano, digital keyboard, voice, organ, flute

                           Events – Weddings and funerals.

Sheelah would be happy to speak with you about your musical needs.

Sheelah’s sensitive yet sharp listening and collaborative skills have made her a joy to work with.  Having grown up in a musical family is a testament to her years of understanding musicality and collaboration.  A positive personality, she is a great musical partner!

-Ashley Boychuk (opera singer) 

I sing in the choir and with the contemporary vocal ensemble of which Sheelah is the Music Director.  Sheelah’s musical gifts on the piano and organ as well as her choral direction have been a blessing to us.  Since practicing voice with Sheelah my confidence for singing, as well as my voice projection have increased greatly.  Sheelah is a very musical, knowledgeable and fun-loving person whom I would highly recommend as a teacher.

-Carol Carney (church choir president) 

Sheelah Saunders is a gifted musician.  Her skill at the piano and song choices are a big part of why my wife and I chose to be a part of the church.  As a member of the choir and contemporary vocal ensemble, I am amazed how she can accomplish so much with so little as the conductor, while accompanying at the piano simultaneously.  She also welcomes change and variety, and is anxious to enable other musicians to use their talents.  I can highly recommend her.

-Tom Crosby ( church musician) 

Sheelah is passionate about music, and this passion is evident in her enthusiastic and energetic execution of her craft, as well as her ability to pass this excitement on to others.  Her technical competency is obvious, and is only rivalled by the nuanced performance of any given piece.

-Victoria Drysdale (chair of the worship committee, Calvary Baptist Church) 

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