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About Sheelah Saunders


Sheelah Saunders has been immersed in all forms of music from an early age.  She was first taught by her mother (Ora Marwick) who was a piano teacher and examiner, followed by studies with George McElroy and later on with Maria Case.

As a child, Sheelah loved to play and improvise on the piano, and sing in school choirs.  She played the violin in the Scarborough youth orchestra in high school, and also picked up the flute. In her twenties, Sheelah studied voice with John Bell, and continues to perform as a soloist. 

After university, Sheelah obtained a music certificate at Tyndale University and College (formerly O.B.C.)  where she studied piano, voice, organ and conducting.  

She received First Class Honours with Distinction (90+) for her RCM Grade 9 piano exam, and First Class Honours (80 +) for her Grade 10 piano exam. Sheelah continually builds upon her skills with workshops and conferences.  She has earned certification as an RCM Elementary and Intermediate Piano Teaching Specialist.  Sheelah completed certification in  the New Science of Singing course with John Henny, and has received the Level I certification from Somatic Voicework, the LoVetri method .

Sheelah has been running an active piano and voice studio for the past 20 years in Don Mills, combining her love of music and teaching children and adults! Over the years, Sheelah has enjoyed composing music, especially for her students.  Some examples of her compositions are Majestic Galaxy, Elina's Dance, Hopscotch, the Mihailo Blues and I Love Halloween!  She encourages her students to explore writing their own music and performing it, if interested.

In addition to teaching piano, vocal coaching for auditions and accompanying,

Sheelah was the Music Director at Calvary Baptist Church for  seven years where she played the piano, pipe organ and flute. She also sang solos and led a traditional choir and contemporary ensemble


In the fall of 2019, Sheelah was also approached to lead and accompany a choir in a

retirement home, and the small group of seniors put on a wonderful Christmas performance for their families and the community.

In November, 2020 Sheelah was a piano adjudicator for the online CFMTA (Canadian Federation of Music Teachers' Associations) E- festival for Canada Music Week.

Sheelah would be delighted to answer any questions you have about online or in person music lessons, or any of the other musical services she offers.

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