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Online and in person piano lessons from six year olds to seniors, Sheelah will help you discover your musical gift!  

Contact Sheelah for more information, or to book a free online consultation.

H -416-449-4745

C - 416-428-4745

Both my children started their lessons with Sheelah at the age of six years.  I was immediately impressed with how well Sheelah related to such young students and how comfortable my kids were with her from the very beginning.  She makes their lessons fun and educational with a good balance of practical, theory and technique.  Sheelah also encourages her students to develop by offering them opportunities to perform in competitions, auditions, recitals and examinations.  Throughout the ten years now that Sheelah has been our piano teacher, the goal has always been to continue to foster a love and enjoyment for playing music.

-Linda L. 

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